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AeroBarrier is the only method to reach any level of air tightness, the first time, every time.

Building an air sealed home with controlled ventilation is an investment in the future. Not only will it save you money on energy bills due to the home's higher efficiency, but it will also contribute to a healthier environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, these homes are designed to provide a more comfortable living environment with consistent temperatures across rooms, fewer drafts, and better indoor air quality.

AeroBarrier can help you get there. We connect our patented technology to your home via a modified blower to pressurize and distribute the sealing formula. The pressure carries our non-toxic, water-based formula throughout the home and effectively seals any leak by using the very air that is leaking out of the home, thereby finding any leak point; visible or not.

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Why Choose AeroBarrier?

AeroBarrier is the only solution that provides consistent, measurable and guaranteed sir sealing results.

Benefits of Air Sealing

  1. Superior Energy Efficiency: AeroBarrier offers exceptional air sealing, reducing energy waste and enhancing overall energy efficiency in buildings. Builders can showcase lower energy consumption and cost savings for homeowners.
  2. Enhanced Comfort: By effectively sealing air leaks, AeroBarrier improves indoor comfort by preventing drafts, temperature variations, and moisture infiltration.
  3. Healthier Indoor Environment: The air sealing capabilities of AeroBarrier contribute to better indoor air quality by minimizing the entry of pollutants, allergens, and outdoor contaminants, resulting in healthier living spaces.

Incentives Available in GA

The Section 45L Tax Credit, known as the "45L Program," is a federal incentive for builders of energy-efficient homes. It's part of the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act and has been updated and extended through 2032. The program offers tax credits specifically tied to meeting ENERGY STAR program requirements for single-family, manufactured, and multifamily homes.

The tax credits are as follows:

  • For single-family new homes and manufactured homes that meet ENERGY STAR program requirements, a tax credit of $2,500 is available.
  • For multifamily units, a tax credit of $500 is available for meeting the ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction National program requirements. A larger tax credit of $2,500 is available for multifamily projects that meet prevailing wage requirements​.

AeroBarrier in an innovative air sealing technology that can help builders achieve the required Air Changes per Hour (ACH) results needed for energy-efficient certifications like ENERGY STAR. It works by pressurizing a space with a mist of sealant particles. These particles are carried by the air movement to any leaks in the building envelope, where they accumulate and seal the leaks.

The application of AeroBarrier is controlled and monitored by a computer system, which provides real-time feedback on the ACH level and enables precise control over the sealing process. This allows builders to hit specific ACH targets with high accuracy.

For the 45L Program, the ENERGY STAR certification typically requires a home to achieve a certain level of air tightness, often measured as ACH50 (Air Changes per Hour at 50 Pascals of pressure). Using AeroBarrier can help builders meet or exceed these air tightness requirements, making it easier to qualify for the 45L tax credits and other energy efficiency incentives.

Remember, achieving energy efficiency is about more than just air sealing - it also involves factors like insulation, HVAC system design, window quality, and more. However, AeroBarrier can be a significant part of the solution for creating energy-efficient homes.

Did you know?

In January of 2020 Georgia adopted the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) with some amendments. Included in amendments is a requirement for all new construction homes to meet a 5 ACH50 blower door test.

Consistently achieving a blower door test result of 5 ACH50 (air changes per hour at 50 Pascals) can be challenging, especially when working in an environment with very high volume. It requires careful attention to building design, construction techniques, and the implementation of proper air sealing measures. Builders need to pay close attention to details and ensure a comprehensive air barrier throughout the building envelope to minimize air leakage.

This is why AeroBarrier is such an attractive solution for builders in the state of Georgia. If you would like to explore this option for your projects, contact us to discuss our demo and pilot project opportunities.

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