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Florida builders differentiate with AeroBarrier.

AeroBarrier is the only method to reach any level of air tightness, the first time, every time.

As a builder in Florida, you may wonder why you should prioritize achieving a tight blower door test result when the code only mandates a 7 ACH50 (air changes per hour at 50 pascals). There are several reasons why you should still consider aiming for a tighter building envelope... and AeroBarrier can help you get there.

We connect our patented technology to your home via a modified blower to pressurize and distribute the sealing formula. The pressure carries our non-toxic, water-based formula throughout the home and effectively seals any leak by using the very air that is leaking out of the home, thereby finding any leak point; visible or not.

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Why Choose AeroBarrier?

Builders are prioritizing sustainable construction practices for several compelling reasons.
  1. Superior Energy Efficiency: AeroBarrier offers exceptional air sealing, reducing energy waste and enhancing overall energy efficiency in buildings. Builders can showcase lower energy consumption and cost savings for homeowners.
  2. Enhanced Comfort: By effectively sealing air leaks, AeroBarrier improves indoor comfort by preventing drafts, temperature variations, and moisture infiltration.
  3. Compliance with Building Codes: Using AeroBarrier helps builders meet and exceed building code requirements for air leakage, ensuring their constructions meet or surpass the mandated standards.
  4. Environmental Sustainability: AeroBarrier promotes sustainability by reducing carbon footprint through improved energy efficiency. Builders can highlight their commitment to eco-friendly practices and appeal to environmentally conscious buyers.
  5. Healthier Indoor Environment: The air sealing capabilities of AeroBarrier contribute to better indoor air quality by minimizing the entry of pollutants, allergens, and outdoor contaminants, resulting in healthier living spaces.
  6. Differentiation and Competitive Advantage: By incorporating AeroBarrier, builders can differentiate themselves in the Florida market, showcasing their commitment to cutting-edge technologies, energy efficiency, and superior construction practices.
  7. Enhanced Building Durability: Properly sealed buildings using AeroBarrier are less prone to moisture-related issues such as mold, mildew, and structural damage, leading to increased durability and reduced maintenance costs.
  8. Positive Customer Experience: Providing a home with superior energy efficiency and improved comfort creates a positive experience for homeowners, enhancing their satisfaction with the builder's product.
  9. Industry Recognition: Builders utilizing AeroBarrier can gain recognition and awards for their energy-efficient and environmentally conscious construction practices, further boosting their reputation in the industry.
Did you know?

The Energy Star 45L program in Florida provides significant tax benefits to builders who construct energy-efficient homes. The program offers a $2,500 tax credit for single-family and manufactured homes certified as ENERGY STAR, and a $500 tax credit for multifamily homes constructed after 2020 and certified as ENERGY STAR. Builders constructing homes that meet the DOE's Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) standards can earn a $5,000 tax credit for single-family and manufactured homes, and a $1,000 tax credit for multifamily homes. If the multifamily homes are constructed with prevailing wages, the tax credits for ENERGY STAR and ZERH certifications increase to $2,500 and $5,000 respectively. These incentives are applicable to homes sold or leased from January 1, 2023, through December 31, 2032.

This is why AeroBarrier is such an attractive solution for builders in Florida. If you would like to explore this option for your projects, contact us to discuss our demo and pilot project opportunities.

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