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What are the State Testing Requirements?

Blower Door: <5 ACH50
Duct Blast: <6% Leakage

The residential code requirements for blower door testing in Georgia have evolved significantly over the years. As of 2020, the state follows the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) with 2020 Georgia Supplements and Amendments. This has introduced several changes and new requirements for new constructions:

  1. Blower Door Testing: All new homes in Georgia are required to undergo a blower door test. This test is aimed at measuring the air tightness of the building. The requirement is that the building envelope must not exceed more than 5 air changes per hour at a pressure difference of 50 Pascals (ACH50). This standard indicates a significant emphasis on energy efficiency and air leakage control.
  2. Duct Leakage Testing: Alongside the blower door test, there's also a requirement for a duct blaster test, especially for ducts located outside the building's thermal envelope. This test is designed to ensure the tightness of the ductwork system. The allowable leakage for post-construction testing is up to 6 cubic feet per minute per 100 square feet of conditioned floor area served by the duct system, but this only applies if any portion of the ductwork is outside the building envelope. If your home has a sealed attic with spray foam or similar installed in the roof deck, then no duct testing is required.
  3. Who Can Perform the Tests: The testing can be performed by various certified professionals, including an accredited HERS Rater, ICC Residential Energy Inspector/Plans Examiner, EarthCraft House Technical Advisor, or a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified technician. It's important to note that while builders or HVAC contractors can conduct the pressure testing, they cannot verify the entire house's compliance with the energy code. The responsibility for third-party verification and overall compliance with the energy code generally falls to local building inspectors or other qualified third-party verifiers. All field inspectors at Green South Energy Solutions are BPI certified.

These requirements reflect Georgia's commitment to enhancing energy efficiency in residential buildings. Compliance with these standards not only contributes to energy savings but also ensures that homes are constructed to modern energy performance standards.

For more detailed information, you can refer to the resources provided by Energy Vanguard here and Energy Conservation Solutions here.

Did you know?

In January of 2020 Georgia adopted the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) with some amendments. Included in amendments is a requirement for all new construction homes to meet a 5 ACH50 blower door test.

Consistently achieving a blower door test result of 5 ACH50 (air changes per hour at 50 Pascals) can be challenging, especially when not all trades are aware or focussed on air sealing throughout the construction process. It requires careful attention to building design, construction techniques, and the implementation of proper air sealing measures. Builders need to pay close attention to details and ensure a comprehensive air barrier throughout the building envelope to minimize air leakage.

Unlike many testing agencies across the country, Green South offers assistance to our customers who struggle to pass their Blower Door and Duct Blaster testing. This is why AeroBarrier is such an attractive solution for builders in the state of Georgia. If you would like to explore this option for your projects, contact us to discuss our demo and pilot project opportunities.

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Did you know?

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