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Green South Energy Solutions is your AeroBarrier provider for Raleigh, NC and middle North Carolina. We utilize blower door diagnostic tools in conjunction with the latest air sealing technology to increase building envelope tightness help you pass the blower door test every time!

AeroBarrier is a precision air sealing technology that can greatly improve the heating and cooling efficiency of homes in North Carolina. It does this by significantly reducing the amount of air leakage and infiltration.

This process includes a software component that digitally monitors and controls the amount of sealing material that is delivered into the home. The sealing is achieved by spraying a fog into the home while the envelope is under positive pressure. This pressure forces the sealant to the envelope leaks, sealing all the holes in your home.

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Our Testing Capabilities

There are several diagnostic tools used to test and measure energy efficiency. The Blower Door is probably the most widely known tool for this purpose. It measures the overall air tightness of your home.

Blower Door Test

The thermal imaging camera is one of the most powerful problem finding tools in this industry. Measuring air leakage is one thing, but finding where the leaks are hidden is a whole other challenge.

Thermal Imaging

Another very common tool used in home energy efficiency testing is the Duct Blast or Duct Blaster. This device is similar to a blower door, but focuses on measuring the air tightness of your HVAC ductwork.

Duct Blaster Test

Certified HERS Rater

Looking for a HERS rater in The Research Triangle? Let us help you meet your energy efficiency goals.


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